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Does your team need to reconnect and have some fun again?

Creating time for play is a powerful way to build culture and create a more effective team. Don’t believe us? 
Check out this article from Atlassian. Or read this. Or this.

Reconnect & Play Experience

The Reconnect & Play space is a custom designed experience in Welo for teams to catch-up, play and reconnect. The space has built-in games that will have your team playing together in no time. It’s also easy for them to break away for casual chats if that’s what they’d prefer.

… and best of all, we’ve done all of the setup! The space is designed for up to 24 people.

Let’s get started!

Add the Reconnect & Play space to your Welo account by clicking here.

Schedule the time with your team (use this template invite).

The Agenda

The Reconnect & Play session is intended to be quite open. The below agenda is a guide for how to facilitate your team through the experience.

Welcome to Welo! (5 min.)

  • Once the team is logged in, make sure everyone is in the Main Room. Ask them all to watch the embedded video. This will help them understand the basics of how to use Welo.
  • Let them know the intent of this session. (Hint: it’s to reconnect as a team and have some fun! But feel free to add your own context/commentary around it.)
  • Encourage the team to self-navigate around the space. There are games with instructions in rooms. There are also spaces to chill out and chat. Let them know how long they’ll have before you bring them back together (e.g. 30, 45, 60 mins).
  • [Optional] Suggest everyone grabs a drink before you get going!

Team Time (30-60 min.)

  • Explore and play with your team!

Bring’em back! (5-10 min.)

  • After a good amount of time for the team to connect and play, ask everyone to regroup in the Main Room (use the ‘Ask Everyone To Join’ feature). 
  • Take some time to share stories about what they each got up to.
  • Start a discussion around how the team would like to get together socially.

Bonus points!

Think about arranging a surprise delivery to your team members at the same time (e.g. Uber Eats).