Welo – Connect, Collaborate and Create wherever you are. Welo – Connect, Collaborate and Create wherever you are. Go beyond online meetings

Empowering remote team building

Welo lets you connect with other members of your team in a fun and engaging way. The game-like interface is perfect for social events and breaking the ice between teams.

Install Welo in Zoom

Get to know your team members

Attach games & activities to rooms

Achieve goals & objectives with your team

Built in Facilitation Tools

Welo comes with a set of facilitation tools to make sure your team building event goes smoothly.

  • Room & Space Boards

    Embed agendas, instructions, and links in breakout rooms and for the entire space.

  • Meeting Timers

    Keep the pace with timers.

  • Knock on Rooms

    Maintain privacy and prevent interruptions during private conversations or activities.

  • Send Join Requests

    Invite specific individuals or groups to join your conversation.

This isn't your typical day at the office.

Encourage communication, build trust, build social capital. Challenge your team with fun activities. Create a safe and welcoming environment for everyone. Get to know your team in a fun and engaging way.


Team Trivia

Chill & Chat


City Guesser

The Spaces

Visually engaging spaces add magic to online activities. Share stories around the fire pit together. Host a lunch and learn in the kitchen. See everyone in the space, in every room, so that you feel connected to the people around you.

The Welo

  • 30% efficiency increase
  • 40% collaboration increase
  • 22% connection increase

* Team member perception of impact of Welo measured by Mercer Employee Research and Engagement Group.