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Welcome to Welo

Hello there! We’re thrilled that you’ve taken a moment to join us. If you are new here, you may be curious about what makes our virtual spaces so special. The best way to understand why people feel so at home in Welo is to try it for yourself — after all, Welo-ing is believing. To learn more, keep reading because in this blog post, we’re delving into what sets us apart by sharing the recipe for Welo’s secret sauce.

A Comfortable, Welcoming Environment

From the moment you step into a Welo space, you’ll sense you’re somewhere special. First-time users enter through a designated reception area with their audio and video disabled. The entire space, including everyone present in every room, is visible at a glance. You can observe ongoing conversations, recognize community members through their photo-based avatars, and familiarize yourself with new faces. This rapid acclimation with Welo provides situational awareness, allowing you to get your bearings and orient yourself prior to interacting – much like the experience of stepping into a real place. Welo’s inviting environments not only put people at ease, but also set the tone for comfortable interactions, contrasting sharply with the abrupt connections and blind entries of traditional video conferencing that can lead to awkward moments.

A Sense of Place

Welo provides your community with a space that authentically captures the feeling of being in a real-life place by replicating physical proximity and recreating the warm, friendly atmosphere associated with gathering in person. Existing video conferencing platforms lack a sense of connection to a location, evoking a feeling of disconnection among participants. Traditional virtual breakout rooms further exacerbate this sense; you’re simply on a call with fewer people and even further isolated from the main group, event, or gathering. In Welo, you remain connected to the location by maintaining complete situational awareness. You can always see yourself in the room you’re in along with the location of everyone else in the space.

Welo is not one-size-fits-all. Make your virtual community home feel homier by choosing the right purpose-designed space to best facilitate your gathering. Hosting get-togethers, meetings, work sessions, distanced learning, workshops, and more within the visual and interactive context of a purposeful environment enables your group to experience being grounded in a location together. Welo stands out from other platforms because our spaces feel like real places, which puts the focus on people, connection, community, and collaboration.

Navigate Welo Spaces with Ease

To enhance the sense of being in a real place, Welo provides you the ability to move your avatar at will to wherever you need or want to be. You can even select your own seat, just as if you stepped into a physical room. This autonomy of movement not only increases comfort within the space but also restores an element of human dignity by allowing individuals to take control of their virtual presence. In Welo, you have the agency to move yourself into breakout rooms and smaller gathering areas, a smoother and more comfortable experience than the standard video conferencing practice of being “kicked out” of the main call and blindly landing in a breakout session. Moreover, there is no need to dial in to connect once you are in Welo — you can automatically engage in video chat with everyone else in each room that you enter, mimicking the fluidity of real-life interactions.

Stay Connected to Your Community

Welo’s customizable spaces cater to all types of gatherings, from distributed office and community coworking to networking events and engagement initiatives. Unlike other platforms, Welo’s variety of purpose-designed spaces offer a diverse range of layouts and room types that can serve different purposes, such as large forums and gatherings, small concurrent discussions, or independent productivity. This flexibility empowers groups to collaborate in numerous ways to achieve their goals. Welo spaces exist beyond designated meetings or events, providing communities with a virtual home base. Members can stay connected to the group simply by being present in the space, even during non-interactive moments. This recreates the feel and flow of a shared environment as well the sense of togetherness that fosters camaraderie. Joining is simple for new members, clients, and guests, enabling communities to expand their reach. With Welo, everyone is welcome.

Collaborate, Innovate, and Do More in Welo

Welo provides tools that are essential for distanced collaboration and innovation. Embedded room resources ensure that every participant can access the documents and reference materials they need. In contrast to other platforms, teams can seamlessly engage in video chat while simultaneously viewing content they are reviewing or developing together. Welo even enables multiple people to concurrently edit Google documents and Miro or Mural boards within a shared window in embedded view, so that groups can work cooperatively and track progress in real time.

Maximize your time in Welo by leveraging our playbooks, which seamlessly integrate with our purpose-designed spaces. Effortlessly craft tailored experiences and achieve better outcomes with these automated guides that lead your group through a sequence of predefined steps. Want to welcome new users? Run the icebreaker playbook. Need to quickly surface fresh ideas and ensure all voices are heard? Use the 1-2-4-all playbook. Activate the speed networking playbook in the corresponding space, and your event practically runs itself. Playbooks unlock new possibilities and make it easy to do more in Welo.

The Magic of Welo

When we gather in person, we have the opportunity to easily meet new people, chat, and network before and after scheduled events. These simple aspects of in-person gathering are challenging to recreate virtually. Standard video calls deprive us of these opportunities, and asynchronous message boards are even more impersonal. Connecting via these traditional methods can lead to fatigue from dialing in as well as message overload.

Gathering in Welo is energizing because people feel at home in our virtual spaces, allowing them to be their authentic selves. Welo provides ample opportunities for spontaneous getting-to-know-you conversations and uplifting interactions to unfold naturally by recreating real-life transitive moments. Remember bumping into someone at the watercooler? You can do that in Welo. Need to catch up with someone? Invite them to join you for a chat or knock on their door and pop in. It’s easy and comfortable to say hi to and interact with others. Welo spaces aren’t just for meetings, events, learning, or coworking – they’re designed for being together.

Strong communities are built on the familiarity of gathering in a life-like setting and the seamless flow of comfortable interactions. The transitive, in-the-moment, serendipitous interactions facilitated by Welo allow people to genuinely connect in a way that feels real and satisfying. This enables supportive bonds to form, friendships to develop, and community commitment to grow. Cultivating close ties organically is not only fulfilling but also reduces burnout, maintains member engagement, improves group productivity, and advances collective achievement. Welo bridges a gap left open by other virtual meeting platforms and spatial collaboration applications through emulating physical togetherness with welcoming, easy-to-navigate spaces — restoring the ability to casually chat, comfortably connect, be social, and be human.

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