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At Welo, we recognize the pivotal role that the design and layout of a space play in orchestrating the flow and ensuring the success of a gathering. That’s why we developed our purpose-designed spaces. Are you hosting a business networking, professional skill exchange, educational networking, job speed networking, mentorship matching, alumni connection, art or advertising portfolio review, speed-friending, speed-dating, or other type of intentional networking event? Well, we’ve got a space for that. Introducing our Intentional Networking Space. Read on to learn about the effectiveness of intentional networking in Welo within the corresponding purpose-designed space.

Select Your Intentional Networking Space

We offer our Intentional Networking Space in three sizes (small, medium, and large) because we understand the importance of the space being the right fit for the number of participants. Just like Goldilocks, we think you’ll find one of our Intentional Networking Spaces to be just right. Rest assured, we’re here and more than happy to customize the capacity to suit your needs. Additionally, we can incorporate other rooms or features based on your preferences.

Small: participant capacity = 20 (10 concurrent connections)

Medium: participant capacity = 40 (20 concurrent connections)

Large: participant capacity = 60 (30 concurrent connections)

Intentional Networking in Welo

The host of the intentional networking gathering has a designated spot in the center of space. Attendees arrive in the central circular room and are seated in chairs surrounding the host. Once everyone has assembled, the host provides instructions.

Participants are grouped into pairs to network or connect for a specified period, typically lasting 10-15 minutes. Half of the participants remain stationary in the breakout rooms for the duration of the event. The other half, seated across from them, rotates clockwise to the adjacent seat in the next room at the end of each networking session, prompted by a space timer.

After the intentional networking sessions conclude, participants can reconvene in the central meeting room to debrief. Attendees have the option to remain in the space, fostering further connections in the breakout rooms, foyer area, or the outdoor space.

FYI, intentional networking in Welo is about to get even easier. Soon, you will be able to leverage our Intentional Networking Playbook in the corresponding space — your networking session will practically run itself using a series of automated prompts. 

Networking Use Cases in Welo

Our Intentional Networking Spaces are well-suited for hosting a range of networking-based gatherings, for example, business networking sessions or alumni networking events. Participants have the opportunity to make connections, foster relationships, and exchange recommendations and referrals. Intentional networking also provides a valuable means for organization or community members to get acquainted and establish connections within the group, ultimately strengthening the organization or community itself. Gina Bianchini, CEO and co-founder of Mighty Networks, recently shared a valuable insight backed by data: community success is directly tied to how often members connect with each other — it is the result of the relationships that members build.  Just imagine the possibilities when location-based constraints cease to exist.

  • Business Networking: Individuals residing in various geographical regions can effortlessly connect through industry-specific or cross-industry gatherings in Welo. Professional organizations are able to regularly host networking events, leading to the formation of new business relationships. These events and gatherings support professional development and can lead to the discovery of new business and career opportunities. Intentional networking in Welo also provides access to a diverse pool of resources and enhances visibility and brand awareness. 
  • Alumni Networking: Intentional networking and connection sessions are no longer confined to those living in the same area. Gatherings can be organized based on various criteria, such as global networking for those who speak the same language, or industry-based mentorship connection sessions, enabling early-career professionals to network and match with experienced mentors. Welo extends alumni networking to a global scale, providing exceptionally diverse networking opportunities as well as broadly expanded social and cultural connections.
  • Virtual Office: Colleagues who don’t directly collaborate can become better acquainted and share insights about their respective roles and responsibilities during intentional connection sessions. These conversations have the potential to spark ideas, drive innovation, and contribute to the creation of a culture where team members feel recognized and valued. 
  • Community Organizations: Members residing in different cities, states, or regions who share a passion for the same cause or volunteer for the same organization, but have never met in person, can now connect face-to-face and build relationships over common ground. These connection sessions result in members coming together and uniting through the bonds formed, enabling communities and organizations to reach new levels of success.

All of this and more is possible, and it all starts right here in Welo. Click here to explore the wonderful world of Welo and find the space just right for you.

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