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Did you know that Welo offers a wide variety of purpose-designed spaces, allowing you to utilize the space that best suits your group, gathering, or event? There are so many ways to Welo and we are committed to making your experience in Welo as productive and fulfilling as possible. Our purpose-designed spaces feature well-thought-out rooms and floor plans designed to enhance the flow of specific types of gatherings. Today, we’d like to spotlight our Constellation Space, specifically designed to facilitate hosting constellation exercises.

Here’s how the constellation exercise works:

  • Participants gather in a circle around a central object symbolizing the focus of the exercise.
  • The facilitator poses statements or questions related to the intended focus.
  • Silently, participants move closer to the center if they agree with the statement or further away if they disagree. The closer they stand to the center, the stronger their agreement. 
  • Once everyone has moved themselves appropriately, participants observe the “constellation” formed by their positions.
  • After the exercise concludes, a debriefing session takes place. The facilitator encourages open discussion, inviting participants to share their reasoning behind their positioning and their observations of the overall “constellation”.

The objectives of the constellation exercise are to foster communication and achieve understanding through movement.

Key features include:

  • Non-verbal expression: Individuals, especially those less comfortable speaking up, are able to express themselves through body language. Insights are gained through uncovering underlying thoughts, feelings, and viewpoints within a group. 
  • Diverse perspectives revealed: The exercise surfaces different viewpoints and encourages understanding within the group, promoting a sense of shared empathy. 
  • Safe space for dialogue: Engaging in silent movement creates an environment for open and honest discussion without judgment. Participants are able to delve deeper into the insights and perspectives revealed through movement.

Because the constellation exercise is a tool designed to facilitate communication and understanding, it is crucial that it takes place in a safe and supportive environment where participants feel comfortable expressing themselves freely. Here at Welo, we recognize that virtual space unlocks new possibilities. Our virtual spaces that feel like real places are designed to make users feel at ease. The Constellation Space overcomes limitations, empowering communities to break the ice, achieve deeper understanding, reach consensus, and progress collaboratively — all without geographical limitations or reliance on a physical space.

Welo’s Constellation Space features several distinct areas that cater to various aspects of the constellation exercise. This allows for seamless transition between the different stages of the activity.

Within the room featuring concentric circular levels, the facilitator guides the group through the silent movement exercise. Participants position their avatars closer to the center to signify agreement with the prompt, or further away to indicate disagreement.

Following the conclusion of the exercise, participants can convene in the large meeting room to debrief and discuss their observations.

Beyond the central gathering rooms, Welo’s Constellation Space offers a variety of smaller rooms, including a café space and outdoor areas, for breakout discussions, casual chats, and continued connection among participants. 

Interested in how your group, team, or community can leverage our Constellation Space? The constellation exercise is a valuable tool for a variety of groups, both formal and informal, seeking to improve communication, understanding, and problem-solving:

  • Teams in organizations: From work teams to project teams, constellation exercises can help build team cohesion, uncover hidden tensions, and improve communication dynamics.
  • Therapy groups: By exploring personal experiences and relationships non-verbally, the exercise can create a safe space for individuals to share difficult feelings and gain insights into their own and group dynamics.
  • Educational settings: In classrooms or workshops, constellations can be used to explore diverse perspectives on topics, gauge students’ understanding of concepts, and promote critical thinking skills.
  • Organizational development groups: Companies or institutions can use this exercise to understand employee or member perspectives on leadership styles, organizational culture, or specific initiatives.

With all of our virtual spaces, customization is possible – and encouraged! We’d be delighted to assist you in making the Constellation Space your own. As a Welo-er, you have the flexibility to utilize multiple spaces, each tailored to its specific purpose. Our Constellation Space will soon integrate seamlessly with our new constellation playbook, simplifying the facilitation of constellation exercises and gatherings through a series of automated prompts. We invite you to explore our Constellation Space firsthand — click here, drop into our HQ space, and we’ll take it from there.

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