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Revolutionizing Remote Work for Small Businesses.

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Welo’s virtual office platform redefines remote work for small businesses by providing immersive digital spaces that recreate the look, feel, and flow of a physical office, promoting collaboration and enhancing productivity.


Our spaces are designed to meet the evolving needs of remote and hybrid teams, providing everything small businesses need to thrive online.

Why Welo is a Game-Changer

Stand Out with Unique Offerings

Differentiate your services by adding a cutting-edge virtual office solution that complements your existing VoIP and UCaaS offerings. Welo provides an engaging digital environment that bridges the gap between traditional offices and remote work.

Increase your MRR

Tap into the growing demand for remote work solutions with recurring revenue potential. By reselling Welo, you can expand your services and increase your MRR, offering clients a comprehensive solution that meets their evolving needs.

Enhance Client Satisfaction

Welo fosters a sense of community and connection among distributed teams, crucial for maintaining productivity and employee satisfaction. Integrate Welo to improve communication and collaboration for your clients.

Future-Proof Your Business

Align with the global shift towards remote and hybrid work. Offering Welo positions you as a forward-thinking partner, ready to support your clients through changes in the modern workplace.

Key Features of Welo

Professional virtual spaces can be easily customized with company logos and include meeting rooms, private offices, collaborative areas, and integrated tools and resources.

Choose from a variety of designs and layouts to match company culture, workplace tone, and seamlessly integrate with workflows.

An intuitive interface that offers easy navigation and complete situational awareness — see everyone in the space, in every room, at a glance.

Facilitate natural interactions and casual conversations by moving around the space to engage in seamless video chats, fostering connection, building team spirit, and sparking creativity.

Who Can Benefit from Welo?

Ideal Client Profile:

  • Company Size: Perfect for up to 30 employees (scalable beyond this size)
  • Geographical Distribution: Distributed teams, including international members
  • Operational Model: Fully remote or hybrid
  • Industry: Startups, tech-savvy small businesses, and companies ready to embrace a new way of working

Common Challenges:

  • Impeded information flow with current communication methods
  • Limited transparency into team workloads and collaboration opportunities
  • Feelings of isolation among remote and hybrid team members

Achieve Key Objectives:

  • Cultivate a sense of team presence and build a connected, thriving, distributed team
  • Streamline communication and reduce the need for scheduled meetings
  • Maximize efficiency, collaboration, and productivity

Real Success Stories

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