Welo – Connect, Collaborate and Create wherever you are. Welo – Connect, Collaborate and Create wherever you are. Go beyond online meetings

The virtual office solution
for remote and hybrid teams

Welo’s visual spaces recreate the look, feel, and flow of working together in-person. Connect and collaborate together in a customizable online office, integrated with your favorite tools.

Welo's virtual offices

Revolutionizing the way
we work remotely

Welo’s immersive spaces are designed to create a shared experience for hybrid and remote teams to promote interaction and strengthen connections. Working together in Welo makes you feel like your colleagues are just a tap on the shoulder away—see everyone in the space and instantly connect to share ideas, get help, or just check in. It’s that easy.

Your home base
for focus time

Designate individual desks so that everyone has their personal spot for deep work. Maintain privacy and boost productivity while still staying visibly present and available when it counts.

Instantly see and connect

Easily break off for quick update, partner on a task, or have a private discussion in rooms built for two. Host daily office hours where anyone can pop in to get help. Transform 30 min. meetings into 5 min conversations with just the essential people.

Check ins, sync ups,
and breakouts

From standups to brainstorming sessions to urgent resolutions, empower your team to stay organized, informed, and connected. See who is meeting with whom and simply click to move your avatar where you need to be. Flexible rooms allow you to rally a team on the fly to address issues—then regroup for reflection.

Bring back the watercooler!

Revive the spirit of serendipity and spontaneous conversations. Create zones for fun and play to foster camaraderie and team bonding. Unplanned conversations spark ideas and super-charge your team’s sense of belonging.

All together now ;)

Unite your entire team effortlessly for all-hands meetings, planning sessions, team building, and more. Achieve team goals together in rooms that are engaging and easily scale for all group sizes.

Built for Remote and Hybrid Teams

Your Remote Home:

Connect and collaborate every day.

Teams come to work each day in Welo. Seeing everyone in the space makes colleagues feel approachable, promoting natural interactions.

  • Hover over others to view their calendar and see what they’re working on.
  • Easily find the expert you need to pull into a client call.
  • Knock on someone’s door to catch up
  • Fully customize your Welo space to fit your team’s unique culture and workflow

The best standup, ever:

Reduce meeting fatigue with Welo

It’s easy to know who goes next—move clockwise or counterclockwise just like in real life and keep updates moving.

  • Embed your dashboard or Kanban right there in the room to eliminate wasted minutes finding the link.
  • Set timers to keep the day’s most important meeting on point.
  • Easily get help or updates from someone not in your team—instantly find them in the space, see their availability, and invite them in.

Agile Events made easy:

Create a shared experience for a shared purpose

Experience the ultimate program increment or sprint planning session. Ensure great outcomes by uniting teams in a space designed for agile workflows.

  • Everyone is represented, creating a sense of togetherness where people feel empowered to review, learn, and improve together.
  • Help teams get the job done by embedding Jira projects, Miro boards, and more in the room.
  • Use room and space timers to keep the pace.
  • Rally a group on the fly to address an issue. Quickly access the management team to bust impediments.

Innovative Pair Programming:

Enhance Collaboration for Better Code Quality

Experience efficient and interactive pair programming, encouraging developers to learn from one another, catch bugs, and optimize code quality.

  • Seamless communication for real-time code sharing and collaboration.
  • Effortless switching between driver and navigator roles, allowing for rapid knowledge transfer and creative problem-solving.
  • Drive business success with improved code quality and reduced time to market.

Long-term success for new employees:

Build connections quickly and naturally

Welo creates a home to foster connections and accelerate knowledge transfer to new hires.

  • With a window to team activity and personalized avatars, team members never feel alone.
  • Resources embedded in each room turn spaces into interactive learning centers.
  • The ability to see others’ availability, in context, gives new employees confidence to reach out to get help and contribute.

Welo's reactions

Make it fun.
Make it human.

You’re more than just a green dot. Promote interaction and share information through your avatar with customizable emojis and status badges. Celebrate moments with quick reactions with just a click.

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Fully integrated with Zoom

Simplify your tool set with the seamless integration of Zoom’s audio, video, and features such as recording and transcription for the best of both worlds.

  • Crystal-clear audio, video, and screen share
  • Zoom's robust security features and encryption
  • Extensive support for various devices and platforms

What our users are saying

The Spaces

Visually engaging spaces add magic to online activities. Share stories around the fire pit together. Host a lunch and learn in the kitchen. See everyone in the space, in every room, so that you feel connected to the people around you.

Remote & Hybrid Teams

Together Apart

Welo’s immersive, virtual spaces create a shared experience for teams no matter where they’re working from.

Working together in Welo facilitates the fluid, informal interactions in a way other traditional meeting platforms can’t match.

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