Welo – Connect, Collaborate and Create wherever you are. Welo – Connect, Collaborate and Create wherever you are. Go beyond online meetings

Where Communities Come Together
— Gather, Connect, Thrive

Welo goes beyond video calls with immersive virtual spaces that feel like real-life, fostering shared experiences, promoting deeper connection, and enhancing collaboration.

Welo's virtual offices

Revolutionizing the way
we gather remotely

Experience the comfort of vibrant virtual spaces that recreate the look, feel, and flow of in-person gatherings. Empower your community members to actively participate, meaningfully contribute, and feel seen and heard by hosting workshops, networking events, and collaborative activities that transcend physical distance. Welo is the place where groups achieve more together.

Create a home
for your community

Welo provides inviting, easy-to-navigate virtual spaces that feel like real places, where members can socialize, collaborate, and connect comfortably. A place for connection creates a sense of belonging — the foundation of thriving communities.

Boost community spirit

Gatherings and events become experiences because of Welo’s welcoming atmosphere, which sets the right tone for everyone to enthusiastically come together. People feel relaxed in the space, team culture takes root, and bonds form between members and to the community, creating an energizing group dynamic.

Integrate new
members with ease

Welo’s virtual spaces recreate the look, feel, and flow of gathering together in-person, and allow you to see everyone in every room. Move freely, have spontaneous conversations, and bridge geographical gaps with genuine human connection. Go beyond surface interactions and foster the authentic relationships that build cohesive, thriving communities.

Capture the magic
of being together

Welo provides the immersive experience needed for true collaboration and co-creation. Transform shared goals into collective impact. Spark synergy and action, empowering your community to get things done together.

No goggles

Experience a real-world feel without expensive hardware. Leave the static video grid behind and embrace open spaces that foster engagement.

See Yourself in Welo

Your community’s place to gather

Work Better, Together:

Elevate your remote work experience.

Welo’s virtual collaboration spaces emulate the feel and flow of working together. Distributed teams are as connected and productive as when they meet in person.

  • Embed room resources, such as documents, white boards, and reference materials, for instant access
  • Team members can see who is in each room in the space and move themselves as needed
  • Knock on a colleague’s door to catch up, or find someone in the space, view their availability, and invite them to join a discussion
  • Customize your Welo space to fit your team’s unique culture and workflow

Spaces Designed for Education:

Where online learning comes to life

Welo’s virtual spaces replicate the look and feel of real classrooms and training centers, fostering a better mindset for learning.

  • Embed resources in each room to turn spaces into interactive learning centers
  • Instructors can pop in and out of breakout groups, just as in an actual classroom setting
  • Students can see and interact with each other and instructors, increasing engagement and collaboration
  • Welo enhances distance learning, online courses, training programs, professional development, certificate classes, seminars, virtual schools, educational sessions, tutoring, and more

Your community’s home:

A place to gather, connect, and thrive

Welo takes you from static meetings and message boards to energizing interaction and dynamic collaboration.

  • Increase participation by making it easy and convenient for your community to gather, no matter their location
  • Members quickly feel comfortable in the space and connected to the group, enabling your community to grow and achieve more together
  • Welo’s virtual spaces provide energizing experiences by enabling members to have real-life social interactions and providing spontaneous networking opportunities
  • Alumni organizations, networking events, book clubs, nonprofits, health and wellness initiatives, volunteer organizations, fellowship communities, support groups, hobby enthusiasts, virtual community centers, career fairs, meetups, and other communities feel at home in Welo

Share Ideas, Build Connections:

A better way to share skills and knowledge

Make your workshops more inviting, engaging, and interactive in Welo’s dynamic, vibrant environments.

  • Participants can easily move themselves between breakout rooms and are able to see everyone present in the space at all times, eliminating breakout room isolation and drop-off
  • Share knowledge and host inspiring discussions in a welcoming, open forum where attendees can meet, connect, and network with experts, moderators, and each other
  • Welo is ideal for knowledge and skill-sharing workshops, interactive forums, industry-specific seminars, conferences, roundtable events, expert-led discussions, and beyond!

Make it Fun, Make it Welo:

Welo lets your social gathering become the life of the party

Enable your guests to mix, mingle, and move around naturally, recreating the interpersonal warmth, organic flow, and energizing interactions of an in-person social gathering.

  • Welo’s virtual spaces make it possible for geographically dispersed people to gather, be social, and celebrate together
  • Name your Welo rooms based on suggested conversational topics to make your social event more engaging; guests are able to move themselves around the space and change the room names to keep the conversation flowing
  • Set the right vibe for your holiday and birthday parties, social functions, family get-togethers, corporate celebrations, event commemorations, class reunions, speed friending events, mixers, happy hours, and fun virtual gatherings with customizable Welo spaces

Fully integrated with Zoom

Simplify your tool set with the seamless integration of Zoom’s audio, video, and features such as recording and transcription for the best of both worlds.

  • Crystal-clear audio, video, and screen share
  • Zoom's robust security features and encryption
  • Extensive support for various devices and platforms

What our users are saying

The Spaces

Welo offers a variety of customizable spaces that are visually engaging and add magic to all types of gatherings by providing an immersive and natural experience. Choose the space that best suits your group and customize your virtual environment to reflect your community’s unique personality and needs with engaging rooms that easily scale for all group sizes. Welo’s intuitive interface makes it simple for anyone to join, move around, and interact. See who is chatting with whom and simply click to move your avatar where you want to be.

The Welo Advantage

See everyone in the space, in every room

Welo does what no other community platform can by enabling you to fully orient yourself in virtual space. With the ability to always see everyone in the space, you obtain a comfortable and familiar situational awareness, along with real-life visual cues that accompany in-person interaction.

This instant visibility creates a welcoming environment that puts group members at ease, facilitating fluid and informal interactions in a way that traditional video meeting platforms can’t match.

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